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About Dreamcatcher Executive Offices

The idea behind creating Dreamcatcher Executive Offices coworking space is a significant step towards fostering the growth of businesses within the community. By providing a dedicated space for entrepreneurs and professionals to collaborate and work, this initiative creates an environment that encourages innovation, networking, and economic development.


Such a space not only offers a physical location for businesses to operate but also serves as a hub for knowledge sharing, mentorship, and skill development. It plays a crucial role in nurturing local talent, empowering indigenous entrepreneurs, and promoting self-sufficiency. Moreover, a First Nation coworking space can attract external investments, partnerships, and opportunities, thereby contributing to the overall economic prosperity of the community.


By recognizing the importance of such a space, we can pave the way for the growth and success of businesses, ultimately leading to a thriving and sustainable future for the First Nation businesses.

Michelle Cameron

Owner & Operator


I was born and was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba in a single mother household, and am the second of three siblings. With strong pride, I am a treaty status woman, a band member of Peguis First Nation, Manitoba and a mother of five beautiful children.

As a child, I recognized how hard my Mom was working and I really wanted to help bring more money into the household. I found that I was an entrepreneur by nature, as I decided to bake cookies and cakes, and had my Mom sell the baking to her colleagues at work. This started my career in business, and I haven't stopped creating since!

As an individual business owner, I am a board member of the Tipi of Hope Foundation, Kiskentamowin Advisory Council, the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, plus I am a coach of the Side Hustle 101 program with Red River College as well as a member to the RRC Social Innovation and Community Development & Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee.

Providing access to resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a supportive and collaborative coworking space for indigenous entrepreneurs, where they can connect with like-minded individuals who share the same goals and vision.  We strive to empower and uplift indigenous communities by providing access to resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities that will help them succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.  Our ultimate goal is to create a thriving ecosystem that celebrates and supports Indigenous entrepreneurship, while fostering a sense of community and belonging.


Dreamcatcher Executive Offices is owned and operated by Dreamcatcher Promotions.

Dreamcatcher Promotions is the largest Indigenous owned promotional company in Canada and is one of the largest promotional companies in Winnipeg. We are proud to employ over 55 incredible staff members, who add to our continuing success.


Dreamcatcher Promotions has been registered with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) since 2019 and this affiliation has provided us with many opportunities to access resources and procurements with multiple Indigenous businesses and Governments. We are also a registered Indigenous Business with the Government of Canada and this affiliation has provided us with licenses to print and distribute garments and promotional material for Government agencies such as Parks Canada, Natural Resources, Corrections Canada and the RCMP detachments throughout Canada, to name a few.

In 2011, I (Michelle) started my business Dreamcatcher Embroidery as a home-based business.

In 2013, Dreamcatcher Embroidery was changed to Dreamcatcher Promotions to better establish and describe Dreamcatcher Promotions as a business which offered much more services beyond embroidery. We wanted to brand and identify Dreamcatcher Promotions as a promotional company, essentially broadening our services to include a variety of printed promotional products and apparel for businesses, agencies and organizations. To be honest, the first five years of business were difficult, and we were met with many struggles, and often filled with many days of self-doubt if the business would be successful. There were times of financial strain, long hours, self and family sacrifices and feelings of wanting to give up. I am very thankful to this day that my amazing team/family and I persevered through the hardships and put in the hard work, commitment to keep progressing, growing.


In 2018, Dreamcatcher Promotions was gaining strong brand awareness, significantly increasing it’s client base and became well recognized within the Indigenous and non Indigenous business community. We launched our Dreamcatcher Promotions website for online ordering and were focused on advertising and promoting our products and services through social media. We frequently attended various conferences and events across all of Canada to promote Dreamcatcher Promotions and to meet prospective clients, selling our products along the way. Dreamcatcher Promotions classic “Indigenous” hoodie is a popular item, worn and requested by many.

In June 2021, because of my strong entrepreneurial spirit, I have decided to also open up a sister company Indigenous Nations Apparel Company (INAC) in the largest mall in Manitoba. INAC is recognized for being the first ever Indigenous owned store in CF Polo Park. INAC generated immediate success selling Indigenous apparel and gifts and what was meant to be a short-term pop-up store is now a permanent store, with goals to open stores Canada wide. INAC will also continue to support other indigenous artists and businesses by selling their artwork, apparel and gift wear.


I would sincerely like to personally thank every client who has supported our Indigenous businesses, Dreamcatcher Promotions and INAC. Your support contributes to the continued economic growth in the indigenous and non indigenous business community and we are beyond grateful. 

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